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SimpliGO Campus Community Discovery (C2D) Digital Marketplace Network (DMN) has been rapidly gaining importance in the social media community for the past decade. Driven by the idea of igniting the explorer in all of us the C2D DMN seeks to deliver rich creative media assets through groundbreaking storytelling from the best and brightest industry professionals, new-generation explorers (NGE), campus historians, and everyday people in the community.

Dec 29

Dashboard Campus Community Discovery Apps for SimpliGO Digital Marketplace Network

Dashboard Device-Driven Apps for SimpliGO Campus Community Discovery | SimpliGO Collaborative Marketplace is re-defining the way Now-Generation Thought Leaders (NGTL) are igniting Next-Generation Explorers (NGE)

Embrace Your Campus Community Heritage, Sponsoring New-Generation Explorers to discover and bring awareness about the campus in their community

The challenge is to bring awareness about the campus in the community through innovative and interdisciplinary ways. New-Generation Explorers (NGE) will have the opportunity to collaborate with inspiring now-generation thought leaders (NGTL) as they generate activities centered around real-campus community challenges and implement suggested solutions. The benefits of the C2D DMN platform is to offer a suite of e3c learning framework components, a standards-aligned toolset designed to foster a new-generation explorer’s mindset.

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 SimpliGO Campus Community Discovery C2D DMN Vision

The overall vision is to offer the new-generation explorers (NGE) true in-depth intellectual experiences across an unparalleled presentation of media assets: digital streaming channels, integrated geo-mapping, intelligent automation to artificial intelligence, creative community graphic novels, student research, explorations, discovery, video, events, and digital and social marketplace platforms. Every media asset and every creative story educates, enlightens, and enables communities (e3c learning frameworks) to better understand the collaborative significance and their own place in it – the core purpose. A campus community discovery digital marketplace network for the new-generation explorers, delivered by the new-generation explorers, operated by the new-generation explorers, mentored and sponsored by the now-generation of thought leaders.

 SimpliGO Campus Community Discovery C2D Benefits

As campus community demographics continue to shift, the diverse cultural campus heritage can struggle to interconnect and meet the varying needs of a multi-generational user group. As the use of the Internet Cloud and mobile devices grows, the pace of challenge continues to accelerate. These changes are further exacerbated by ongoing cultural campus heritage depletion in the community to increase productivity and cut costs, making it harder for businesses to meet market expectations. Together, these trends are reshaping the marketplace environment.

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