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SimpliGO Disaster Preparedness Planner (D2P) Digital Marketplace Network (DMN). Kevin Petty, director of Science & Forecast Operations from The Weather Company, a subsidiary of IBM, relates, "One of the key things that we are always looking to do is to enhance prediction of weather globally in order to reduce those impacts that it has on the population, allowing populations to be more resilient in the face of high impact weather". Predictive solutions to help fight natural disasters now make use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, technologies capable of processing and interpreting a large quantity of data. Weather patterns using sophisticated algorithms will soon be able to handle in-depth analyses of data coming from multiple domains..

Nov 03

Dashboard SimpliGO Disaster Preparedness Planner (D2P) Digital Marketplace Network (DMN)

The first step when developing an emergency response plan is to conduct a risk assessment to identify potential emergency scenarios. An understanding of what can happen will enable you to determine resource requirements and to develop plans and procedures to prepare your business. The emergency plan should be consistent with your performance objectives.

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SimpliGO Campus Community Discovery (C2D) Digital Marketplace Network (DMN) has been rapidly gaining importance in the social media community for the past decade. Driven by the idea of igniting the explorer in all of us the C2D DMN seeks to deliver rich creative media assets through groundbreaking storytelling from the best and brightest industry professionals, new-generation explorers (NGE), campus historians, and everyday people in the community.

Dec 29

Dashboard Campus Community Discovery Apps for SimpliGO Digital Marketplace Network

The C2D DMN multi-business community planner can provide now-generation thought leaders with powerful applications to transform their collaborative environments. Through these digitally interconnected-communities, now-generation thought leaders can build their own relationship and intellectual presence so that they can foster the mindset of a new-generation explorer in those they are mentoring.

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