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Project Description

Yusernet, Inc. is focused entirely on talent. Over the last decade, Yusernet, Inc. has learned that most organizations are suffering from a talent gap - a gaping space between their goals and the ability of their employees to achieve those goals. The crazy thing is that most leaders and business owners don't even realize a gap exists. They're just plugging along and can't figure out why they aren't hitting their goals.

With the current economic conditions and increasing competitive landscape, Yusernet, will have to focus its attention on increasing their brand awareness through their collaborative social networks, client referrals, direct sales, existing resources and online strategic marketing management and business relationships.

Kenneth Smith, Owner KGS Creative Consulting

Yusernet, Inc. leverage cutting edge behavioral research and proven talent strategies to grow their clients organization by growing their people. To expand its online global presence, Yusernet, Inc. delivers behavioral-based integrated solutions for their customers and easy-to-use cloud-based web products that are available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.


Project Details

  • Project Contact

    Jian Yu
    Vice President
    mobile: 240-888-1795 will be the primary digital asset that Yusernet, Inc. will leverage to help grow their online behavioral research solutions and product business.

  • Development Team

    kennygsmith Creative Consulting
    Kenneth Smith | Cameron Smith

    kennygsmith Creative Consulting acted as a Senior UI Design consultant to envision how people experience their products and brought that vision to life in a way that felt inspired, cultivated and motivated. In that role, tackled complex tasks and transformed them into intuitive and easy-to-use designs for thousands of corporations around the globe. Achieved that goal by collaboration with Engineers and Product Managers throughout the design process—from creating user flows and wire frames to building user interface mock-ups and prototypes.

  • Creative Deliverable
    • Visualization Exploration UI Style Sheets Themes: Defined creative UI explorations and developers style sheet(s) themes that were used to define project production consistency. Coordinated with Yusernet's lead architectures and development team in the research of the creative UI brand. Provided creative recommendations for both company and client.
    • UI Application Plan: Created a comprehensive plan that was implemented on and a modular basis. The project plan determined a timeframe of events and tasks, with functional specification, which outlined in detail how the application will function and flow.
    • Development Specification: Created a comprehensive plan where the programmer/s or Web developer/s begin coding, testing and publishing data. The phase established the data variables, entities and coding procedures that was used throughout the remainder of the project
    • Creative Brand Strategy: Developed initial look and feel for a new website portal. Proposed creative branding that could be used to modify the on-going online creative marketing campaign.
    • User Experience and User Interface: Coordinate with Lead Architect and development team on the site structure of how the content is navigated and presented in a simple and easy to understand methodology.
    • Optimized Content Collaboration: Coordinate with Lead Architect and development team to create the initial version of content that positions Yusernet correctly, plus define levels of content accessed by different users