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Creative Marketing

 Strategic Cloud Marketing

  • Strategic Cloud Marketing (SCM) is our process to organize efforts to market your goods and services in the cloud through integrated digital experiences, by which we quantify every single end user. The goal is to use advertising methods to target customers via online applications through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and various online portals to target consumers and various online e-portals to target consumers.
  • Our Marketing Strategists have the experience and expertise to create and help customers to develop a strong Internet presence by providing marketing solutions, tools and training so that the company can keep their online presence current, easily maintaining first page search engine results, managing an email newsletter database, creating social media awareness while continuously driving a consistent flow of targeted prospects, clients, sales and investment to the company.

 SCM Communication

  • KGS Creative Consulting Media Group uses different marketing channels and tools in combination. Using various marketing communication tools to targeted channels allows us to focus on communicating a message to its desired market. Those tools can consist of anything from: advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, sponsorship, communication, promotion and public relations.
  • Our focus will be creating brand awareness, delivering information, educating the market and an advanced positive image for our clients to persuade the target audience. Contact points will require managing and coordinating a marketing brand message. Contact points could range from online ecommerce stores where customers are able to virtually experience the product online for themselves. Using advertising methods to target customers via online applications through social media websites to target consumers.
  • Successful marketing requires that a message at every contact point can persuade any target audience. Stakeholders are anyone in the target market that can influence the purchase of the product or that can create success to the company
Cloud Marketplace Development
appPortal design
Mobile App development
Information Graphic design

 SCM Solutions

  • SCM Overview

    KGS Media Group Strategic Cloud Marketing process is to organize efforts to market your goods and services in the cloud through integrated digital experiences, by which we quantify every single end user.

  • Key-Word Optimization

    KGS Media Group will group keywords that are relevant to your online presence. By amassing the more competitive terms inherently as a result of using those keywords in conjunction with various alternative modifiers / keywords, we will be optimizing your pages for a higher SERP position.

  • Key-Word Campaigns

    KGS Media Group will develop a SEM strategy for your online presence, keyword cloud is our optimal way to obtain an advantageous search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo or MSN. The keyword cloud is used on the website.

  • Social Media Marketing

    KGS Media Group we provide analytics that allow you to reach out to your customers via the social Web to communicate messages about what they prefer. It is a fact, social media is transforming the way organizations communicate — align and execute across all social media platforms for unique value proposition.


Social Media Communication

My Body

Personal Body Training

Overall goal is to help as many people as possible achieve the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Spectrum Keys

Non-Profit Autism Marketplace

Providing development executing on a wide range of interactive projects, concepts to e-portal based, moblie platforms.

PHP Transport

Cloud Marketplace Networks

PHP Transport offers a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) web-based application easy to adopt and simple to use model.

Woody Buckner

Global Leadership Artist

A visionary global leadership artist who has worked with, and continues to work with, many of today's global leaders.

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Creative Tools for Building Cloud Marketplace Networks

Edge Technologies

Company focused on Data Visualization Integration


Helping clients to turn technical concepts into working products

PHP Transport

Tools allowing clients to extend service technologies with scheduing

One Network

Planning and business applications built on a cloud platform

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    The global marketplace is competitive and you need a company to help you eclipse your competitors. Every company has some sort of go-to-market statement, value-add proposition and unique selling point. Our work gets results and also wins awards.

    We are different!
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    We work with our clients on their marketing, branding, application design development, creative designs, and d-portal design projects. We help launch, manage, and grow brand awareness with vision and creativity.

    Grow network awareness
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    The PHP Transport's leadership team brings 3o+ years of creative expertise in building, deploying digital marketplace networks and implementing to our clients’ brands, focusing on every aspect of a company’s personality and identity.

    Focus on the community